Culture, charm and heritage

We offer a luxurious base from which to explore Africa at its best.

Why an African Safari?

The African landscape is a wide vista of untold beauty and diversity and it evokes a sense of deep spirituality. It is the seductive magnet that binds us Africans to Africa. It evokes feelings of calm and restfulness, intense excitement, sadness, therapeutic contentment leading to irresistible curiosity and the need for deeper and closer understanding.

Our relationship with nature goes through a process of evolutionary change from observing it at a safe distance to the need for intimate involvement. Our interest develops from a cursory and often imperceptible admiration of its magnificence and its splendour through a further progression of the urge to know and understand its multifaceted appeal, its climate, its scenery, its vegetation, its wildlife and its birds until at its pinnacle there is often an overwhelming need to understand its very origins from its the soil upwards, how this affects the grasses and the trees and in turn  influences the whole food chain that ensues.
Out of this morass emerges a range of parallel compelling interests which fuel the central imperative. In their most simplistic form, this may be the game of golf out of which develops an appreciation of the beauty of the golf course and of nature and the birdlife to fishing which in turn often starts with coarse fishing (while keeping the catch) evolving into the art of casting a fly, a more artistic and sensual pursuit (where the catch is more often released because of the notion that the quarry is too beautiful to be caught only once). On a further parallel, this may take on the form of  the urge to hunt as man at first learns to understand his  hunter / gatherer past which in turn evolves into a fascination with the bush, a knowledge and understanding of the spoors of his quarry, a need to capture the moment in terms of a photograph or simply a great passion for the wild and everything else to do with the great outdoors.
Human beings either have this passion from childhood or it develops through life experiences and quite often re-emerges only at retirement when there is a sense that opportunity has been lost and there is a huge need to play catch-up. This urge often becomes the central theme of “the bucket list”

Through the process, the initial cravings are satisfied by the use of Lodges but finally there may be the need to get even closer to the soil and camp or alternatively the camper moves upmarket (usually due to pressure from his partner) and is forced to stay in Lodges.

This website is about ensuring that the dreams becomes enjoyable realities which can oft be shared and repeated with one’s closest family and friends.
Enjoy the experience!