Southern Africa presents an opportunity to hunt the famous Zambezi Tiger (Hydrocynus vittatus) which is regarded as one of the world’s best fresh water fighting fish. In addition we have a coastline and nearby island venues which provide a comprehensive variety of world class saltwater species.

  • A beautiful Tiger fish being held by successful fisherman
  • The butt of a Fly fishing rod with reel and fly photographed on pebbles
  • A Fly Fisherman casts into a river

Why not combine one of these opportunities with a Big 5 experience. Apart from good trout fishing, the African Tiger fish is one of the most ferocious fighters known to fly fishermen and they can grow to 20kg with a subspecies growing to as much as 50kgs.

A range of beautiful bream species may be found in the same environs and these though smaller, offer their own challenges and are generally excellent eating.

In Saltwater terms, Africa is surrounded by fantastic salt water fishing opportunities which include enormous Tarpon in sometimes remote areas, Bonefish, GT’s and a range of other popular Kingfish, Tuna, brightly coloured Parrot fish and a host of other specials.

Whether these trips are tackled from established lodges, magnificent houseboats or ocean going Cats, all have their advantages.

All are possible; all need special planning and local expertise. John Pearse Safaris has the knowledge and the experience.